saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire

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“My drawing was not a picture of a hat. It was a picture of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant.”
When I was a child ‘Le Petit Prince’ was my favorite book. Once I made my mom go to the library with me, so I could read it again. While we were driving home I was reading the biography included in the book and I found out that Antoine De Saint-Exupéry died in WWII. I cried the entire ride home. I thought it so unfair that such a beautiful person died in such an awful way, but I guess a lot of good people die at the hands of bad people. At least Antoine De Saint-Exupéry lives on throught the little prince. 

by Lukasz Wierzbowski

Anonym sagte: What do you appreciate about your best friend? How did you meet her?


I saw him for the first time in 7th grade, I think, when he sat in the seat in front of ours in the bus. He was telling my friend about school and he was complaining about the bad grade he got in French class. I didn’t talk to him that day, since my friend didn’t even introduce us.

At the beginning of 8th grade he started attending my school and we still didn’t really talk. It was in 10th grade when we actually started talking and hanging out with some other friends, because they were one of the few nice people at my school. 
And since 11th grade we are really close friends and we get along so great.

We share the same sense of humor, and our behavior and beliefs/ understanding of things are so similar. We’re both really clumsy and we often think and say the same things (at the exact same time… even the strangest things, which is really weird). We both also love food a lot and when we’re in a restaurant and we both can’t decide, we just order different things and share half of our meal with the other, so you kind of pay for one meal, but you get to eat two different things :D 
Also we’re really good pizza buddy’s, because he leaves me the crust when he doesn’t want it. 

I appreciate him because he teaches me a lot of things and he pushes me to do things when I think I can’t do them when I actually can. We have so much fun, and we do a lot of things together, we even get our hair cut together.

Sure, we differ in a lot of things too. For example when it comes to punctuality. I, on the one hand, have this inner need to be punctual (but I’m still late sometimes) and he, on the other hand, is late 99% of the time. 
Also when he wants to do something, he does it, and I, on the other side, think too much about things and then I end up not doing some of the things I originally planned on doing. 

We’re two individuals getting along really, really good and we have lots of fun, and also we bring each other food for school which is the best thing ever. 

He quit school yesterday and the next year without him will be super boring :/ 

But he promised to attend all the parties, so we can sit somewhere and drink, because we’re too awkward to dance like all the other students. :D

Anonym sagte: What does friendship mean to you?


Friendship is about growing and being oneself, and not about apologizing for your entire existence, and even being sorry for possibly stealing someone else’s oxygen.

It’s about being big and taking up space in people’s life’s because you’re allowed to. It’s not about making yourself as small as possible, so you don’t bother anyone.

It’s about support and singing with them in the car and laughing about stupid jokes. It’s about small gestures and accidentally saying the same thing or finishing the other person’s sentences, because you exactly know what they’re about to say.

It’s about appreciation and loyalty.

It’s about love. Not love love.
But rather this ‘I’m- so-damn-glad-you-are-here-and-I-appreciate-you-so-much-you-have-no-idea love’.
Sometimes it’s also a ‘thanks-for-tolerating-me-on-many-days-because-I’m-horribly-annoying love’.

I like how friend’s can make you feel so happy inside by just breathing.
It’s also very nice how you can make them smile and make them feel better about themselves and all.

Another important thing is that it’s ok to allow them some space if you feel like they need it. It’s ok. 


Iraan, TX

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Male privilege is “I have a boyfriend” being the only thing that can actually stop someone from hitting on you because they respect another man more than they respect your rejection/lack of interest.
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The Sociological Cinema

There was actually research that was done that found that women who used an “I have a boyfriend/husband” excuse to reject unwanted sexual attention and harassment by their bosses were more likely to be left alone than those who used any other excuse (including “I’m not interested”)

Because men respect another man’s property (and that’s how they see us) than a woman’s autonomy.

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